I need to stop being so bitter over my past

I’m sorry. I was hurt and I have forgotten what it means to forgive, because I have a hard time forgiving myself. I keep remembering and remembering and it’s like getting hurt all over again. I want to let go, because no one is perfect but what has happened is affecting what is happening. I’ve taken the energy and channelled it to unknowingly hurt others and I’m turning into someone I can’t identify. I’m lost and each step I take, I’m ruining things and probably other people. I think I need time away to gather my thoughts and let go of all this heavy baggage. Perhaps cutting all unnecessary ties would be the wise thing to do. Yes. That sounds like a logical next-step :)

What confused me.

When I witnessed other Christians day-in-day-out, sinning like it was nothing. This was confusing, because what I read in the Bible and what God - at some point - revealed to me, that this casual ‘sinning business’ was opposite to what Jesus preached. Compared to what He taught, I was being taught that it was okay. And I also witnessed harsh judgement upon others; when someone did something wrong, everyone knew and everyone silently shut them out. BUT LOOK! Jesus said, 

"It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."

Why can’t we spread this message? That there is a God out there who loves us? Why can’t we get close and personal with others and plant that seed of faith and forgiveness? Why can’t be the ONE person who invites a friend/family member to church? Why don’t we stand in the gap for someone? Or moreso, ANYONE that God may direct us to? Let’s make a stand of love.

"When meeting Biblical Jesus, you may come as you are, but you may not stay as you are."


Learning to say no has actually strengthened me in more ways than I thought it could.


I always worry that maybe this week I won’t have enough money… And especially in the coming months, starting to learn a new kind of responsibility, paying rent etc. I have that anxious feeling that studying fulltime whilst jobless will be difficult. Then I hear that still small voice, “I provide for your every need. Why worry?”.

Let Him Change Your Mind

“Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.” —Colossians 3: 2, NASB

God… changes man by changing the mind. And how does it happen? By… considering the glory of Christ…

To behold him is to become like him. As Christ dominates your thoughts, he changes you from one degree of glory to another until— hang on!— you are ready to live with him.

Heaven is the land of the sinless minds… Absolute trust. No fear or anger. Shame and second-guessing are practices of a prior life. Heaven will be wonderful, not because the streets are gold, but because our thoughts will be pure.

So what are you waiting on? Give him your best thoughts, and see if he doesn’t change your mind.

(Source: godsradicaldaughter)

Let’s change the world, by starting with our own.

So, a workmate asked about my faith tonight… It’s funny how God plans everything. Such questions have me falling in love with my Creator and Saviour. I realize how He has saved me and what He’s saved me from… I’m going to continue to pray for my workplace. Join me! :) Introduce Jesus to those in need TODAY!

Letting go everyday.

For some reason, it hurts so much to “let go” of any thoughts or desires that only benefit me and no one else. I think it’s because very quickly, my mind forms a security blanket of all the things I can “control”. So if I want a certain item or if I want a certain situation to begin/stop, I dwell on it - in a sense - and forget that some of those things are not pleasing to my God, my heavenly Father. I forget that letting go and denying myself is so integral to this walk with Jesus. I forget that this relationship is so much more HIGHER than any relationship I’ll ever have in my life. Like, in my head, I KNOW that my desires are nothing compared to what my heart truly wants; I want to be all for God; I want my whole being to be wrapped up in His love and gracious plan. My soul longs to be in line with His heart. And perhaps I’m “hurting” internally because my flesh/thoughts are fighting what my soul wants. This hunger for what’s right and this thirst for a future dedicated and devoted to Him… that’s what I want. I’m letting go, again. It feels so refreshing… God is good!!


Forget your own perceptions. Forget what people have told you. Forget what you’ve seen and heard and forget what you’ve done. Get to know Jesus yourself. Stop listening to everyone; stop wondering and just DO IT. Google a topic you’ve been thinking about and add “bible” or “bible verse” at the end. I’m not kidding. Actually do it. Somehow, somewhere, God will speak to you! Whether you believe it or not, He is waiting for your curiousity to spark a flame. A flame that will set your heart and life ablaze! Following Christ isn’t about rules and regulations. It’s about truly experiencing His love and grace - changing your heart. Following Christ is a daily thing, not an action you do when you’re at church or just at youth group. Like, seriously! Grab/buy/find a Bible and just start reading. Get to know the God who can both bring forth life and wipe everyone out. Get to know the God who loves you so much more than anyone ever can! Get to know the God who already know you; your every mistake and your every happy moment.