Apr 6, 2014
Anonymous asked: Hey babe! I'm so sorry you're feeling so low :( I'm praying you rely on God's strength to get you through this. He's always with you and He loves you so so much. And remember, He's been through every trial that you're going through, and he understands your pain. Don't ever stop trusting Him. I love you girl, keep your head up!

<3 thank you.. I will try

Jan 7, 2014
Anonymous asked: i'm curious, what's your view on abortion?

I believe every life is precious. Even that of those not yet born!

Dec 14, 2013
Anonymous asked: tell us? would love to here some stories and also I might be able to learn from it as well.

who are you anon? haha show yourself!

Dec 14, 2013
Anonymous asked: u ok? what happened?

Yeah I’ll be ok :) just hit a learning curve. Tis all. Don’t worry about me darling!

Dec 7, 2013
Anonymous asked: EMBRZ - Make Your Way

I’m 1min in, and I love it. Thanks anon :)

Oct 31, 2013
mylifewithsocialanxiety-deactiv asked: So you care more about the well-being of fetuses than you do about the well-being of women? You don't care how traumatic, harmful, or otherwise horrible pregnancy would be for a woman, you just want her to be forced through it no matter what, so that the fetus inside of her ends up being born?

Look, you ask a LOT of questions. All I have to say is that I believe life is valuable. Women/men/children/babies all the same. There are injustices toward people everywhere around the world! That post was specifically based on abortion/animals. Pregnancy from the beginning is risky. Women will choose what they may, despite my PERSONAL thoughts about this issue. I’m not here to argue or fill-in questions that lead to the same answer. It’s always good to have differing views collide because learning is very important - especially on issues such as this. Thanks :)

Oct 31, 2013
mylifewithsocialanxiety-deactiv asked: Why be pro-life? I mean, do you know what hyperemesis gravidarum, pre-eclampsia, and ectopic pregnancies are? Do you know how physically hellish pregnancy can be for a woman? Do you know all of the different ways that pregnancy can cause mental and emotional distress to a woman? Do you know how emotionally scarring it can be to give a child up for adoption? Or do you just not care about any of that, which proves that your views on this issue are incredibly hateful?

We all come from different walks of life. What I’ve personally experienced makes me realise that every life is precious. I’ve heard of pre-eclampsia/ectopic before and yes pregnancy is obviously dangerous for a woman. But I don’t think that pregnancy is entirely an “accident” so any woman who does become pregnant (regardless of the circumstance) is supposed to carry that child until it is time for them to come into the world. And yes, adoption can be emotionally scarring - I don’t doubt it. They would grow heavily attached and be forever bonded by those overwhelming 9ish months. To have something “taken away” or “given up” in any sense would be extremely difficult. But it’s better to give life than to take it. There are always two sides to every story :)

Oct 31, 2013
Anonymous asked: Hi there, beautiful! I hope youre having a good day! :)

Why are you anonymous and why aren’t we friends? Thank you, really.. it’s actually 5AM and I’ll be sleeping soon :P

Oct 30, 2013
Anonymous asked: And your smile really compliments your gorgeous face! :3

you’re amazing, you know that? really, thank you. :)

Oct 30, 2013
Anonymous asked: May I just say you have a wonderful smile? :)

whaaaaaaaat! you’re wonderful. thank you so much :)

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